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How to Download KOK Play (Android)

google play store pic.png

Go to Google Play Store

Clicking on a Tablet

Search: "KOK Play"

kok logo screenshot.png

Install: KOK Play

Instructions: Resources

How to download KOK Play (iOS)

Go to Safari or Chrome

Type "Kok play app" on search engine. 

Click on "KOK Wallet Download"

Click on "iOS"

Click "Install"

Go to "Settings" on your phone

Click on "General"

Click on "Device Management"

Click on the word bubble

Click "Trust"

Ensure the application icon appeared on your phone

Instructions: Resources
kok register page.png

How to Register

Go to KOK Play app

Click on "Register" located on the bottom left of your screen

Click on the arrow on the right to select your country

Insert your phone number

Click Verify in order to verify your phone number

Add personal information: Name, Gender, Date of Birth

Add Date of Birth: YYMMDD (Last two digits of birth year then month then date)

Password over 6 digits then confirm.

Fin Password over 8 digits then confirm.

Recommender CODE (more specific instructions below)

Mark that everything is ok

**How to find recommendation code: 

  • Go into KOK Wallet

  • Click on Person icon on the top right

  • Click "To Invite" located in the middle of the screen

Instructions: Resources
Clicking on a Tablet

How to start Mining

Click on "Mining" located on the bottom right

Scroll up and click on the "Mining" icon located on the bottom left

Click on the down arrow located on the right of "BTC"

Select "KOK"

Click Quantities

Select "100%" located on the very right

Click "Confirm"

Click "Deposit"

Instructions: Resources
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